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Shoutouts to Guild Members

You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Here are some of our members (members if you are not up here its ok).


Me!! I'm the guild master and handle most of the affairs. To get an invite you can talk to me, but all of our members can invite.

Basicly I would like to say how great this guild is and will be and I would like you to join.

Rofellos is one of my second in comands. He has been in this since the begining. Since the long night of getting signatures. You can also wisper him for an invite.


Lavik left Altan Uruk with me and Rofellos. He is on a couple times a week and is usualy glad to help members.

Venomouss has several alts in the guil. One being a lvl 60. He is on a fair amount of time and is also willing to help.